A lot of power packed into a small box, with room to grow!


Connect One, Connect Many

the many ins & outs of pipes

Pipes is designed to work with your favorite MIDI controller. With as little as an inexpensive keyboard controller, you have a complete system for creating a ton of music. But it doesn't stop there. Pipes can handle multiple input devices while triggering high quality samples with zero detectable latency.

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Flexible, powerful, easy to use...


From the studio to the stage, Pipes delivers. Simply connect your USB or MIDI controller like a keyboard controller, a drum pad input device, or individual drum triggers. Three USB ports are included, but you can add a USB hub if you have more triggers. If you are using 5-pin DIN MIDI connections, an inexpensive MIDI to USB adapter is all you need.

superior audio quality built in

The balanced outputs can go directly to your recording device or a DI/mixer for live shows. The audio quality exceeds that of any computer, unless you are also connecting an expensive external audio interface. Not necessary for Pipes which always delivers 64 stereo voices of high quality 24 bit/48 KHz sound. Samples can be in WAV, AIF, EXS, SFZ, GIG, or NKI format, or for maximum usability our MDA format is ideal. Users of our Mandala Drum will be able to use all their MDA files right away on Pipes, in fact, the idea of Pipes came from dreaming up the most badass drum sound module possible! 

The connections you don't see

Pipes is both WiFi and Bluetooth enabled! Connect Pipes to your WiFi and download factory updates, your own files, new Tweakers and eventually, anything our Pipes MIDIocracy community dreams up thanks to our open source approach!

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One big lit up knob...


Since you can access everything easily from the touch screen, and connect up parameters to your MIDI controller, we didn't clutter Pipes with knobs and buttons and sliders. You get one. But it's really cool.

If you are programming patches, the knob attaches to the parameter you have active and can act as a finite value knob as shown above. If you have an infinite value, or a massive spread to cover, you can spin away and the lights will follow to guide your way. Push down, and enter your selection.

If you are in Live Mode, it's simply an easy-to-find volume knob. Pushing down will mute all sounds giving you two ways to not panic! The button can also be assigned to do something else in live mode if you prefer or disabled completely. For reasons of sanity, in live mode the knob only acts as volume control.

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You can add up to three Tweakers per Pipe. Remember there are a total of four Pipes, so any given preset could have four different sounds laid out across the keyboard (or separated by trigger source like drum pads) allowing for three unique Tweakers for each Pipe. These alter the sound prior to the sample triggering.

Some factory pre-loaded Tweakers are:

  • Arpeggiators
  • SinCos
  • Octave Up/Down
  • PitchFlux
  • VelFlux
  • Pzip
  • Touch
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Effects work differently than Tweakers. These change the sound after the sample is triggered. Of the four audio pipes, you get three effects rack Pipes (with clean bypasses) plus 1 clean Pipe. You can have four Effects per rack. There is a Master Rack, and then three Pipes which can have unique Effects for a total of 12 Effects running simultaneously.

Some factory pre-loaded Effects are:

  • Compressor/Limiter
  • Distortions (Overdrive/Fuzz, Bit Crunch, Down Sample)
  • Delay
  • Modulations (Flanger, Chorus, Ring Modulator)
  • Filters (Lowpass, State Variable, Resonant)
  • EQ
  • Reverb
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MDA Files

Think of them like AIF or WAV fileS on steroids

The MDA file format was created by us and another reason why Pipes is in a category of its own.

A well sampled instrument requires hundreds or even thousands of individual samples, including different positions, velocity levels, and even round robins of every combination. Nobody wants to manage all those samples in order to play music, so we have created the MDA file. It is a single file containing as many samples as necessary to faithfully replicate an instrument.

MDAs contain special parameters which allow for fully sampled drums and all other aspects of traditional drum kits as well, which sets them apart from other compiled sample formats. As a matter of fact, other sample compilations, such as .EXS files and others, can easily be translated into MDA files for compatibility with Pipes!

All of this makes more sense when you see and hear the difference. Below is a video of Danny demonstrating our Mandala Drum product. This same technology is put to even greater use in Pipes.


Danny Carey, superstar drummer and casual wear enthusiast, performs a shootout between a real Black Beauty and our Black Beauty MDA file along with a competitor's drum pad and sound module. Close your eyes and you might not be sure if you are hearing the real thing or our Mandala version, however the competition's version will be painfully obvious...