Pipes comes pre-loaded with Tweakers, and many more will roll out after launch. Tweakers are pure data patches which programmatically affect sound triggers BEFORE a sample is triggered. What's unique about Pipes is that anyone can create their own Tweakers programmed in Pure Data and add their new creation to Pipes. Additionally they can share their Tweakers with the Pipes Community, and even potentially create very specialized patches which they can provide freely or even sell to members of the community.

Some factory pre-loaded Tweakers are:

  • Arpeggiators

  • Benders

  • Octave Up/Down

  • PitchFlux

  • VelFlux

  • AfterSwell

  • Touch

  • BeatMaker



Pipes comes pre-loaded with effects which allow users to alter sound AFTER the sample has been triggered. All effects parameters can be controlled in realtime from the GUI or by MIDI continuous control or by onboard LFOs. MIDI Learn is offered to link hardware controller knobs and sliders to effects parameters. Over time new effects will be provided both as free and paid upgrades and potentially as third party additions (free or for sale) via the Pipes Community.

Some factory pre-loaded effects are:

  • Compressor/Limiter

  • Distortions (Overdrive/Fuzz, Bit Reducer, Down Sample)

  • Delay

  • Modulations (Flanger, Chorus, Ring Modulator)

  • Filters (Lowpass, State Variable, Resonant)

  • EQ

  • Reverb